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CSS Tutorial - Lesson 2

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Use CSS in Documents In this lesson, you will learn how to use style sheets within your documents. There are several ways you can include your CSS in your web pages. We discussed them a bit in lesson 1, but this lesson will go into more detail.
Inline Styles Styles within an element make it easy to set the look and feel very specifically in your documents. In this article you'll get a clear understanding how how to use inline styles.
SPAN and DIV Elements Using the SPAN and DIV elements allows you to get more control than just inline styles, but with a broader reach. This article goes into detail about these HTML elements that are most useful with CSS.
Styles for the Current Document Sometimes you want to set a stylesheet for an entire document. That is quite easy as well. This article explains more about using the STYLE element in the HEAD of your pages.
External Style Sheets If you want to create a style sheet for your entire website, you should consider using external style sheets. These allow you to write your styles once and carry them over to all your pages. This article teaches you how to use external style sheets.