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CSS Tutorial - Lesson 3

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Fonts and Text Properties In this lesson you will learn how to adjust fonts and text with CSS. There are a lot of CSS properties that adjust fonts and text, and this lesson will only focus on a few of the more commonly used ones.
CSS is Better than the FONT Tag While the FONT tag has been removed from HTML5 many people still think that this is what they should use when modifying fonts in HTML. This article discsuses why you should use CSS for adjusting fonts instead.
Font CSS Properties This article discusses some of the CSS properties you can use to adjust your fonts. Remember to try these styles out in your web pages (and view them in your web browser) so you have a good understanding of how they work and how they will look when you use them.
Text CSS Properties CSS properties for text adjust things like how much space is between words and letters, decorations on the text like underlines, strike out, and blink, as well as transformations of the text to capitalize the words or set the text alignment or indenting.