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CSS Tutorial - Lesson 4

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Advanced Properties In today's lesson you will learn some more advanced CSS properties. These properties can be a little more confusing to understand than the font and text properties you learned earlier in this course, so be sure to try out all of the styles to see how they impact your page elements.
Changing Backgrounds with Colors and Images Two ways you can dress up your web pages is with background colors and images. This article will help you understand the basics of CSS backgrounds and how to apply them.
Box Properties When you build a web page, every element is inside an invisible box. And there are properties that you can use to affect the box around your elements to add spacing, borders, and so on. This article explains what the box model is and some of the style properties you can use to affect your boxes.
An Introduction to CSS Positioning CSS properties for text adjust things like how much space is between words and letters, decorations on the text like underlines, strike out, and blink, as well as transformations of the text to capitalize the words or set the text alignment or indenting.