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CSS Tutorial - Lesson 5

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CSS Tricks and Dynamic HTML As this is the last lesson on CSS in the short course, we'll look into some tricks you should know for using CSS and examine one of the most popular ways to use CSS -- with Dynamic HTML. Plus I'll give you some ideas for where to go next to learn more CSS and continue styling your web pages.
Tips and Tricks with CSS Two ways you can dress up your web pages is with background colors and images. This article will help you understand the basics of CSS backgrounds and how to apply them.
Dynamic HTML There are a lot of ways to make your web pages more interactive with dynamic HTML and CSS.
CSS3 is What's Next There is a lot more to CSS than what was covered in this class. This class primarily covered CSS1 and some CSS2. But there are a lot of new properties in CSS3 (and properties in CSS1 and 2 I didn't cover) that you can use to style many different aspects of your page.