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Introduction to HTML4, HTML5, and XHTML When people say they want to learn HTML, they can mean many different things. This class will teach you HTML4 (4.01, to be precise) and HTML5. And along the way you will learn how to write either of these versions in XHTML.
What is HTML? HTML is a markup language that is used to describe web pages for web browsers and other user agents to render. When you learn HTML you are learning the elements and syntax required to build a web page. Follow this link to learn more about what HTML is and the different versions of HTML.
What is the Difference Between HTML 4 and HTML5? HTML5 is an improvement on the HTML4 specification. It includes new features to make it easier to use for designers, as well as new tags and attributes, support for web applications and more. The linked article explains some of the most exciting new features of HTML5.
What About XHTML? XHTML 1.0 is a reformulation of HTML 4.01 in XML. It is much stricter than HTML5 and doesn't have any of the new tags or features of HTML5. HTML5 can be written with XHTML syntax and in that case, you are writing XHTML5. The linked document explains more about the differences between HTML and XHTML and how you can convert an HTML document into XHTML.
HTML 4 Tags There are lots and lots of HTML tags. In later lessons, we will cover the tags more specifically, but if you are interested in reading about them now, this is a list of all the HTML4 tags, plus a few tags that are browser-specific and not part of the specification.
New Tags in HTML5 There are over 20 new tags added to HTML5 from HTML4. While we will be discussing these tags later in the HTML class, you can learn some of the new HTML5 tags ahead of time and how you can use them in your web pages.
Intro to HTML Quiz What is required to write an HTML web page?
How is HTML different from other computer languages like C++?
Describe some of the high-level differences between HTML4 and HTMl5
Is the tag <br /> an HTML or an XHTML tag?
Intro to HTML Project Get a text editor for your operating system. If you are sharing your work on the forum, let us know what editor you chose and why. Otherwise, have the text editor ready for the next lesson.