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Write Your First HTML Document In this lesson you will learn how to write a basic HTML page. I will show you how to write both an HTML4 and an HTML5 document, and why you might choose one over the other. You will learn some of the most basic tags in HTML.
The Minimum Tags You Need for a Web Page In HTML4 and HTML5 there are only a few tags that are absolutely required to be on a page:

But there are a few other tags that, while optional, are an important best practice to use:
Writing Your First Page The first step to writing a web page is to open your text editor. Follow the instructions on the above page to write your first HTML. But don't save it yet.

There are a couple of extra tags included in that article - H1 and P. I will explain them in a later lesson, for now just type them exactly as you see them in the article.
What File Name to Use In order to save a file as HTML, you need to give it a name and use the correct extension. There are a few best practices for writing HTML file names. This article will explain what they are and why you should follow them.
Testing Your Page in a Browser Once you have an HTML document saved to your hard drive, you should test it. Read this article to learn how to view your HTML in some of the commonly used web browsers. This article covers many aspects of testing web pages that are beyond the scope of this lesson. But you can read it now to get an idea of the types of testing you should do in the future.
Activity This is the homework for the "First Web Page" lesson of the HTML class. It includes a short quiz (answers below) and a project you can do to practice what you've learned in this lesson.

First Web Page Quiz

  1. What does a typical HTML tag look like?

  2. Where does an attribute go in HTML?

  3. What are the two items required in every HTML document?

  4. List at least two characters that are not recommended in HTML file names.
First Web Page Project Open your text editor and write an HTML document. Save it with a valid file name (I don't recommend using index.html at this time). Then view it in your favorite web browser (don't worry if it's very plain). If you are sharing your work on the forum, share the HTML you wrote and any difficulties you experienced writing it or testing it.