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Displaying Your Web Page to Others While you can save all your HTML files to your hard drive and view them on your own computer, that is generally not the point of building a web page. Most people want to display their pages on the internet. And in order to do that you need a hosting provider.

This lesson will show you how to find a good web hosting provider and how to get your web pages from your local machine to your host. You will also get some tips for organizing a website's files.

As always, you should read all the articles in the Required Reading section, and the articles in the Optional Reading section are for more information.
What is Web Hosting? Where you keep your web page is called "hosting". There are all different types of hosting options, from very expensive commercial web hosts, to free web hosts.

In order to work on your web page, I recommend you get a web host. There are lots of free web hosting providers. 110MB is free and is one of the top 10 most highly rated hosts by my readers.

I recommend you get a hosting provider for this class. But if you don't want to get one, you can continue to write your HTML offline and test it on your computer. As I mentioned in the first class, you really only need a text editor to build web pages. A hosting provider lets you share your pages with other people.

This article will teach you more about web hosting providers and what the difference is between various types of provider.
Requirements for a Good Web Hosting Provider When you're looking for a Web hosting provider, there are a few things that you should not compromise on and a few other features that are nice to have. Make sure that your hosting provider gives you at least the must-have items on this list.
Keys to Finding a Good Hosting Provider One of the first things I look at when evaluating a web hosting provider is their customer service. Good customer service is critical if you want your site to be easy to maintain. But there are other features of a good hosting provider that you shouldn't overlook.
Activity This is the homework for the "Displaying Web Pages" of the HTML class. It includes a short quiz (answers below) and a project you can do to practice what you've learned in this lesson.
Displaying Web Pages Quiz 1. Name three things you typically give up to get free web hosting.

2. What three things should you look for in a web host, before anything else?

3. What three things should you look for regarding customer service for your web hosting provider?

4. How do you get your files from your hard drive to your hosting provider?
Displaying Web Pages Project Choose a hosting provider for your web pages. Then go into the forum and explain what host you chose and your reasons for choosing them. If you are going to keep your pages on your hard drive, that's fine too, but you should explain why that's your choice.

Once you have a web hosting provider, you should upload or post a file there. Make sure that you can get the file to your web hosting provider, and once you have it there, that it is visible by URL in a browser.