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Lists Writing for web pages is best done with lists. People don't like to read long blocks of text on the computer screen. But with HTML, you can create numbered lists, bulleted lists, and even name/value pair lists. This lesson will teach you how to create lists in HTML and style them.
Three Types of HTML Lists There are three types of lists you can create with HTML. Numbered lists, bulleted lists, and name/value pair lists (also called definition lists). This article explains how to use all three lists.
Ordered Lists Ordered lists, also called numbered lists, are for lists of things that have a number associated with them. Typically, this means instructions written step-by-step. This article takes you through how to write an ordered list.
Unordered Lists Unordered lists are also called bulleted lists. They are used for lists of items that don't have an inherent numerical order to them. This article explains how to create an unordered list.
Definition Lists A definition list is a list of two items, grouped together. They are also often called name/value pairs. This article will teach you how to create a definition list.
Styling HTML Lists Lists are very useful without any styling, but CSS can help you decorate lists so that they have graphic bullets, different colors, even remove the bullets and numbers completely. Learn how to use CSS to dress up your HTML lists.
Uses for Definition Lists Definition lists are a type of list that is often overlooked. But there are many ways you can use these lists beyond simple lists of words and their meanings. This article examines some of the ways you can use definition lists on your web pages.
Activity This is the homework for Lesson 7 of the HTML class. It includes a short quiz (answers below) and a project you can do to practice what you've learned in this lesson.
Lists Quiz  1. Name the three types of HTML lists.

 2. What HTML tag is used in both ordered and unordered lists?

 3. What three tags are used in a definition list?
Lists Project Add a bulleted and a numbered list to your web page. Each list should have at least 3 items in them.

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